With a focus on direct mail and digital advertising, GDA Wins is one of the top firms in the country for Democratic campaigns and progressive institutions.
We've worked in 45 states and the District of Columbia on campaigns at every level – from presidential to school board – and with some of the biggest progressive and party institutions in the country, including DCCC, DGA, DLCC, End Citizens United, House Majority PAC, LIUNA, NEA, SEIU, and NARAL Pro-Choice America.​​​​​​​
We go all in for our clients, and it shows in our mail and digital ads.
We dedicate ourselves to our clients — so they get a level of attention and thoughtfulness that goes beyond the ads that we produce.
We work with clients on every aspect of their campaign effort – message development, strategic planning, press, field, targeting, and everything else it takes to win. This approach allows us to add value to each campaign we’re a part of, and most importantly it’s the key to us creating mail that is personal and authentic to each candidate.
Our commitment to listening to our clients, combined with our persuasive storytelling ability and compelling designs, allows us to produce a product that cuts through the clutter to win hearts, minds, and votes.
This is how we chart each client's unique path to victory:
1) Presenting voters with a clear choice through powerful storytelling. Nothing is more important to voters than understanding who a candidate is through his/her/their personal story. That’s why we always start by listening to our clients, understanding our candidates’ personal stories and perspectives, and working collaboratively to tell their story using the best practices we’ve learned in the field across hundreds of races.
2) Using creativity to help our candidates stand out as unique from politics-as-usual. Our philosophy is that a combination of compelling visual imagery and clear, concise headlines is the way to punch through in the mailbox. It’s what allows us to bring our candidates’ personalities and messages out in creative and authentic ways, so voters see them as unique — not as typical politicians.
3) Planning thoughtfully before executing campaigns. Long before we start producing mail or digital ads, we take several steps to make sure each ad is strategic, effective, and integrated with all aspects of the campaign. This includes detailed written plans and a collaborative process to ensure the entire campaign team is on the same page strategically and that each medium is working seamlessly with the others to amplify our message.
4) Delivering the right message to the right voter. We take an individualized, data - driven approach to each campaign we work on and incorporate up-to-the-minute best practices that have been field tested and proven effective. We start each race by performing a thorough analysis to project likely turnout and determine a probable win number. From there, we provide precise targeting recommendations as part of our detailed
written mail plan.
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